Friday, 6 January 2017

Sitecore Habitat Transformer

Sitecore Habitat is a open source Sitecore demo website project that implements the Helix design concepts.

The way the project is designed/developed is recommended by Sitecore these days for building a new Sitecore website. The demo site contains many builtin features and a foundation that can be used in our own project.

The immediate headache(???) when beginning using Habitat as a base of your own project is that it has many Sitecore item paths, namespaces, etc stored under Habitat (path or namespaces) and people usually do a file-based find-and-replace to replace the Habitat string with a custom string for their own project. However by doing this might cause some issues which needs to be addressed manually afterwards.

To make life easier I have created a Powershell script that does this and it can be downloaded from

Please see the Readme there for more information on how to use it.